Sunday, March 01, 2015

Momentum: A Yoga in Motion Series(TM)

Learn to integrate your awareness of breath & movement obtained on the mat into an energizing, cardiovascular experience! Learn to adjust your body mechanics and breath to overcome various challenges arising from charging the city's terrain. You will not only be improving your vascular health, but you will also be challenging your body physically beyond what you could traditionally explore in your yoga practice.

Momentum: A Yoga in Motion Series (TM)is an eight-week commitment of intentional movement that will provide you with long-lasting adjustment skills and awareness that continue to improve and impact your walking and your yoga. Awaken your breath, body, and mind as you charge city hills with awareness! You will stride with grace and ease after discovering and mastering the body adjustments and breath it requires to hike a 24 degree incline through Birmingham's rolling hills and reach the top with the same slow breathing you have on a flat surface. You will learn controlled breath and mindful adjustments like lifting the spine and dropping the heels to improve posture, diaphragmatic breathing and energy. This is a fun, new, and exciting way to explore your practice, or start a new one and take it off the mat!

This series is great for avid walkers and runners, cyclist, or any other athlete looking to improve their existing fitness regimen with greater stamina and endurance. Momentum was created and brought to you by April Jones, Birmingham's native massage therapist, and one of the city's pioneer yoga therapists. Always looking for new ways to take yoga off the mat and apply it to life, this technique was discovered and developed during one of her favorite past times-walking. Noticing a significant difference in energy levels and ease of breath when applying the same fundamental yoga techniques, she discovered she could transition from inclines to flat terrain, back to life with greater ease and energy through the same simple breathing and adjustments she makes on her mat. This is an incredible adventure that she can not wait to take you on! Class size is limited, so please act now. The session size is intentionally kept small in order to maximize your Momentum experience.

To learn when the next Momentum series will 
begin, please visit
We will meet on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings
 YOU DECIDE how much work you wanna dedicate towards your transformation!
Classes meets mornings at 9 am and last approximately 1-1.5 hours.

3 days a week $ 425
2 days a week $ 350
1 day a week  $ 275

Non-refundable registration fee: $75
(This fee is in addition to your Workshop fee UNLESS paid in full at time of registration)

          ACT NOW!! If you are interested and would like to register, please email April at, and use
You will be sent the registration information and requirements, along with deadline dates to register. All information must be completed and returned in order to ensure your spot in this series.